About the images

The image used at the top is a cultured neuron immunolabeled for the cell body and dendrites (MAP-2 in red), the nucleus (DNA labeling in blue), and the axon (neurofilament in green).

The second image shows two different ion channels in the rat cerebral cortex. One channel (cyan) is expressed in virtually all neurons, while the other (magenta) is expressed only in a subset of interneurons.

The next is the labeling of tau (red) in the mouse brain with neurofilament (green) and myelin basic protein (blue). It shows the corpus callosum with cortex and hippocampus at the top and the bottom. See our recent paper for more details.

Cerebellar Purkinje cells are shown in the forth picture. Climbing and parallel fibers are labeled with neurofilament in cyan, and the cell bodies and dendrites of Purkinje cells in magenta.

The last picture is a scene from a scientific meeting, where we actively discussed science and nothing else. I swear!