A paper by my graduate student has been accepted in Molecular Biology of the Cell!! I have been really nervous about it, as it was necessary for her to submit her thesis. Relieved……..


New paper accepted!!

Finally……. After cancelling the submission because the mouse line used was not what we thought it was, recovering the right ones from frozen eggs, and redoing the experiments….. Now, it is done.


New Lab…… (almost)

There was a almost complete turnover of the lab member. Two staff scientists are gone to new institute for permanent positions, and one grad student retired.

But I am very excited to have two new staff scientists!




A giant in Neuroscience has passed away a few days ago.

Rest in peace, Dr. Masao Ito.


入試説明会— Admission guidance

12/15 (土) に入試説明会を行います。個別に大学院相談などもできますので、ぜひご参加ください。4回生でなくても大丈夫です。

We are having a guidance session for prospective students on 12/15 Saturday. You can also talk to professors individually after the session. It will be held in Kyotanabe campus Hochikan building from 10:45. Inquiry to