About the lab

Welcome to the Misono lab. Our lab is a part of the Graduate School of Brain Science at Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan, as the section of Ion Channel Pathophysiology. The lab launched in 2006 at the University of Maryland and moved to Kyoto in April 2012. 




Our research focuses on the Neurobiology of protein regulation, particularly ion channels and Alzheimer’s tau protein. Ion channels are the engine that generates electrical signals for neurons to transmit signals and to compute. We aim to understand how hundreds of different ion channels work in individual neurons, in neural network, and in animals. We also study to understand the roles of tau protein in normal and in Alzheimer’s disease.


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Selected Publications

Kubo, A., Misonou, H., Matsuyama, M., Nomori, A., Wada-Kakuda, S., Takashima, A., Kawata, M., Ihara, Y., and Miyasaka, T. (2018) Distribution of endogenous normal tau in the mouse brain. Journal of Comparative Neurology, in press.

Hirono, M., Watanabe, S., Karube, F., Fujiyama, F., Kawahara, S., Nagao, S., Yanagawa, Y., and Misonou, H. (2018) Perineuronal nets in the deep cerebellar nuclei regulate GABAergic transmission and delay eyeblink conditioning. Journal of Neuroscience 38, 6130-6144.

Jensen, C.S., Watanabe, S., Stas, J.I., Klaphaak, J., Yamane, A., Schmitt, N., Olesen, S.P.O., Trimmer, J.S., Rasmussen, H.B., and Misonou, H. (2017) Trafficking of Kv2.1 Channels to the Axon Initial Segment by a Novel Non-Conventional Secretory Pathway. Journal of Neuroscience 37, 11523-11536.

Hirono, M., Ogawa, Y., Misono, K., Zollinger, D.R., Trimmer, J.S., Rasband, M.N., and Misonou, H. (2015) BK channels localize to the paranodal junction and regulate action potentials in myelinated axons of cerebellar Purkinje cells. Journal of Neuroscience 35, 7082-7094.

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Lab Member

Hiroaki Misono — Principal Investigator, Professor

Moritoshi HironoAssociate Professor

Shoji WatanabeAssistant Professor

Minori IwataPhD Student

Ayaka YamanePhD Student


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We always welcome outstanding graduate student candidates. Please contact me if you are interested.


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